Serrett belay glasses are light, flexible, strong. Reduce neck strain, and keep your eyes on the climber. Configuration allows a field of view of the climber and other surroundings. Serrett belay glasses use mirrors optics, which does cause image inversion. Most climbers wear them a few times and have totally adapted. With a sleek design and affordable price they are the perfect companion for any climber.

Serrett belay glasses features and pricing

- Mirror optic technology.

- Thin frame profile.

- Strong and flexible plastic construction.

- 15 gram weight.

- Price $39.50

- Three color options white, grey, and black. 

- One size fits all. 

The new Serrett design.

- Wider field of view, works with sun glasses, nose and ear grips.


15 grams, as light as two sheets of paper.


Flexible and strong, perfect for climbing conditions.